Your partner for optimum pneumatic systems

Tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest. After all, we offer the perfect components for your pneumatic project. We also support you with guidance and advice – from the first sketch to assembly and ongoing operation.


The productivity and efficiency of pneumatic systems stand or fall with the quality of the components used and the experience needed to implement these correctly. We therefore advise you to use HANSA-FLEX’s great expertise. Our pneumatic range includes over 15,000 perfectly aligned products – and with over 50 years of fluid technology experience, we are your partner for optimum pneumatic systems. 


The connections are key in determining how efficiently compressed air can travel from a generator to a consumer device. Furthermore, assembly has to be quick and secure. As a fluid technology expert, HANSA-FLEX has outstanding expertise in this regard.


Your benefits: 

  • Clearly labelled coupling systems prevent mix-ups
  • Large range of quick connectors in different materials
  • Components optimised for high flow rates

Preparation with pneumatics

Clean, regulate, display: maintenance units conduct multiple tasks in different scenarios. At HANSA-FLEX, they are therefore modularly designed so that you receive exactly what you need. 


Your benefits: 

  • Modular structure
  • Configuration in line with customer specifications
  • Large range of product types
  • Compliance with the Machinery Directive 
  • Higher flow rates
  • Lockable and therefore reliable

The pneumatics range: optimally aligned

The HANSA-FLEX pneumatics range includes more than 15,000 products: from pneumatic cylinders and valves to maintenance units and pipes. But it is not the number of items that counts, but their quality and functionality. We therefore select our suppliers based on their core competencies. As a result, the pneumatics range available from HANSA-FLEX (including in our online shop) forms the basis for precise fluid technology solutions, which can be individually configured and optimally scaled.

Pneumatic movements

When moving compressed air, every detail matters: compact assembly is equally as important as efficient energy use.


Your benefits: 

  • Compact carriages for a small space requirement
  • Pivoting table for perfect positioning
  • Complete range of pneumatic cylinders in line with ISO 6432, ISO 15552 and ISO 21287
  • Rodless pneumatic cylinders for compact installation
  • Customised cylinder lengths in line with customer specifications
  • Suitable for digital stroke and position recording

Pneumatic controls

Valves form the heart of any pneumatic system. They switch, regulate and manage, thus converting compressed air into an energy source that can be controlled. 


Your benefits: 

  • Broad range of directional control valves
  • Electrically, pneumatically or manually controlled
  • NAMUR-compliant valves
  • Excellent value for money

Positioning with pneumatics

Vacuum technology is indispensable for positioning tasks. Ejectors use the Venturi effect to convert pressure into suction. The vacuum can therefore be used for the pneumatic system.


Your benefits: 

  • Large range of suction elements, control units and sensors
  • Local vacuum creation with inline ejectors
  • Ideal range for automation technology

The HANSA-FLEX pneumatic range:

  • Large selection of maintenance units (also in accordance with the Machinery Directive)
  • Pneumatic cylinders in line with ISO 6432, ISO 15552 and ISO 21287
  • Directional control valves (also NAMUR)
  • Valve terminals
  • Compact slide tables, swivelling tables and rodless pneumatic cylinders
  • Safety couplings and non-interchangeable couplings
  • Energy-saving blowguns and a large selection of suitable nozzles
  • Connection elements in accordance with DVGW
  • Ball valves with pneumatic actuators
  • Pressure and temperature measurement, digital and analogue
  • Vacuum technology, ejectors and sensors
  • Workshop accessories, from hand-held tyre pressure gauges to complete supply units
  • Hose rupture protection for the highest safety at work
  • Extensive selection of hose connectors

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