Sealing technology

All seals. Unique know-how.

HANSA-FLEX can solve your sealing problems. As an adviser in project development, to cover parts needs, or to provide immediate help in emergencies. 

Seals are key functional elements in hydraulics. Wherever pressures and different media are present, seals are key to ensuring the reliable operation of systems and to protecting human and environmental safety. Sealing problems often entail the risk of interruptions to production. Expensive downtimes and claims may be the fatal consequences. 

Don’t let things get that far! As a leader in hydraulic engineering, HANSA-FLEX offers everything you need to solve your sealing problems: a wide-ranging and comprehensive in-stock parts range, a manufacturing centre for express production of special seals, and an advisory service which is able to minimize major risks during the project planning phase.  

Immediate help: express solutions

The warehouse holds more than 8,000 different standard seals, and is continually being updated in line with changing requirements. This means assistance is in most cases available from existing stocks, so preventing lengthy downtimes. For special seals, the SEAL-MASTER CNC manufacturing centre comes into its own. It is able to produce and ship custom seals in express time: single items or small-lot production runs, all to the same level of reliability. 

Top-class advice – first hand know-how

Many years‘ experience in everyday practice has also made HANSA-FLEX a valued partner to project development. The company’s specialists are consulted to contribute their extensive sealing expertise right from the start of development projects. This enables issues of technical feasibility to be clarified at an early stage, avoids wrong choices, extends service lives and cuts costs over the long term.

HANSA-FLEX sealing technology – Quality for every situation

SEAL-MASTER manufacturing centre

  • Special seals in all materials
  • CNC precision manufacture
  • from 5 mm inner diameter to 520 mm outer diameter immediately available
  • Diameters up to 2,500 mm available at short notice
  • Single items and small-lot production runs

Extensive in-stock range

  • More than 8,000 standard seals ready to ship

Your advantages with HANSA-FLEX

All under one roof

Benefit from a complete range of hydraulic hoses and connecting elements for the hydraulics

Flexible assembly teams

Our assembly teams are always ready with a fully equipped workshop trolley.


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Best quality

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