Technical Information

DGUV Rule 113-020 – A summary of all the new provisions

Unified DGUV Rule 113-020 for hydraulic hose lines and hydraulic fluids



The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Rule 113-020, “Hydraulic hose lines and hydraulic fluids – regulations for safe application”, replaces DGUV Rules 113-015 and 113-007, also known as BGR 237 and BGR 137. The new document brings together both regulatory areas in a single DGUV rule. It also contains a number of amendments and additional provisions with close relevance to practical application and clear explanations for users.


Accident prevention, health protection and preventative maintenance


The main objective of the rule is to provide clear explanations of practical precautions that can be taken to avoid workplace accidents, occupational illnesses and work-related hazards to health. Your compliance with the DGUV rule contributes towards accident prevention, health protection and legal security on the part of companies. The proper application of DGUV Rule 113-020 can be expected to result in higher machine availability and a longer service life for hydraulic components. The rule can also be seen as an important constituent of preventative maintenance. Planning and managing the inspection and maintenance intervals – hose line management – of all hose lines reduces machine downtimes to a minimum.