Hydraulics workshop

Why wait longer? Get it repaired right away.

HANSA-FLEX hydraulic workshops free major construction and tunnel building sites from the burden of lengthy waits for spare parts. Machine downtimes are cut to a minimum. Major construction and tunnel building sites are frequently in locations with a poor infrastructure, in many cases some distance away from civilisation. A lot of valuable time can be wasted waiting for a replacement hose line to arrive. A HANSA-FLEX hydraulic workshop promotes rapid availability.

If there is a problem somewhere in the hydraulics, it is already on site. The fully equipped hydraulic workshop has everything that is needed to quickly produce a spare part. Round the clock, seven days a week. Machinery is very quickly running again and work can be continued without major financial losses – a critical factor for the economic success of major projects!

Every minute counts – especially on major construction sites

On major construction sites, even minor problems with hydraulic connecting elements can trigger a fatal chain reaction. Every minute is vital. This is why HANSA-FLEX has extended its range of services. As well as our extensive network of branches and our mobile rapid hydraulic service fleet, which already ensure excellent proximity to our customers, we now offer a pool of hydraulic workshops. The containers are normally rented and have a comprehensive set of standard equipment, with special supplementary requirements also available.

The construction site moves – the hydraulic workshop goes with it

The hydraulic workshop is tailored to the construction site’s pool of machinery and can be transported quickly and easily. It is operated by the customer’s personnel, who are specially trained by HANSA-FLEX in the production of hydraulic hoses. Standardisation means that it is no problem for the same personnel to work in multiple hydraulic workshops at different sites as the tools and spare parts are always in the same place. Of course, HANSA-FLEX is on hand for the duration of construction to provide any advice necessary and to ensure the replenishment of materials. 

Stationary use for industry

HANSA-FLEX hydraulic workshops have also proved very successful for stationary use in industrial installations. As fully equipped workshops for producing hose lines, they supplement the workshops in the servicing departments or support design departments in the rapid production of prototypes. ­HANSA-FLEX provides targeted warehousing, with all the components required for a hose line. This means that, when required, a rapid response is possible.

Time delays caused by traffic jams or long distances are avoided. And the customer only pays for the goods when he removes them from the warehouse.

The basic range of HANSA-FLEX hydraulics workshops is systematically adapted to the requirements of the site in agreement with our customer.

Good arguments for the hydraulic workshop

The basic range of HANSA-FLEX hydraulics workshops is systematically adapted to the requirements of the site in agreement with our customer.

Basic equipment/Initial supplies (example):

  • 20 foot container, seaworthy, stackable
  • standard equipment for assembly of hydraulic hoses up to R15 – 1 1/4“ (NW 32) or EN 853 (SN 2 / SAE100 R2 AT) – 2” (NW 50)
  • Hose uncoiler
  • internal and external stripper (no rubber dust, no smouldering fire possible)
  • pre-adjusted stripping tools for every hose type and nominal width (time saving)
  • heating to prevent condensation
  • material provision based on construction site requirements in clear drawer system, up to more than 1,000 items
  • storage compartments are clearly and understandably labelled (no searching, time saving)
  • extensive storage and working area
  • pipe storage option
  • additional storage container possible
  • any special requests can be incorporated
  • we supply construction site hoses
  • continuous advice and support from hydraulic workshop co-ordinators
  • free training in “hose assembly” including certificate of completion for your workshop personnel
  • replenishment service by HANSA-FLEX employees if required
  • 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week
  • on site fitting and pipework e.g. rescue container or lagging truck
  • hydraulic systems for special plants (engineering, delivery, fitting, commissioning)
  • on site audits, e.g. re-lagging of drilling equipment

HANSA-FLEX hydraulic workshop – everything on site

  • 20-foot container for production up to HD732 or 20-foot double plant for production up to HD750
  • completely prepared for use on major construction sites or in industry
  • all tools available
  • hydraulic hoses and parts provision based on customer requirements
  • appropriate partnership models (rental)

Your advantages with HANSA-FLEX

All under one roof

Benefit from a complete range of hydraulic hoses and connecting elements for the hydraulics

Flexible assembly teams

Our assembly teams are always ready with a fully equipped workshop trolley.


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Best quality

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, we stand for the highest quality standards

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